Student Reviews:

"I learned that farmers' markets have lots of treasures." - Katerina, Grade 2

"Mrs. Schaub taught me that 'meticulous' means 'perfectionist.' I never knew there was a word as complex as 'meticulous!'"- Annabelle, Grade 2

"I learned that poetry needs powerful words." -Ryan, Grade 2

Teacher Reviews: 

"I could tell [our third graders] loved your book and stories about farmers markets. Your visit inspired them to read and write poetry, and to get outside and visit some farmers markets themselves." -Mark M, LRC Director



As a language arts teacher with over ten years of experience in the classroom, I love engaging and inspiring students through hands-on, Common Core aligned activities. Poetry provides a wonderful vehicle to make inferences, determine themes, and cite textual evidence in complex, yet manageable texts.  Through my interactive programs, teachers and students can gain a new appreciation for the richness of words and learn specific poetry writing strategies.  I offer a variety of formats for my school visits, including assemblies, classroom visits, student writing workshops, and teacher workshops.  My programs can be customized to any age of students from kindergarten to eighth grade.  If you are interested in a particular topic, I am happy to tailor a presentation to meet your needs.

 Download my School Visit and Presentation Packet HERE